Authors and Publishers

Spright offers a specialist ground transportation service for authors and publishers.

Our drivers will become part of the team travelling around the U.K. on book signing tours and will go beyond being just a driver - for example, they can assist with moving promotional materials in and out of various event venues or helping with queue management at book signing events.

We drive many writers and members of publishing staff to the various book festivals in our area. In addition, we often provide a driver for entire tours around the U.K. This means that the same driver can transport an author to many detsinations and keep a consistency of service throughout.

At the end of May every year we undertake many journeys to and from Hay Festival with cars regularly travelling from London to Hay Festival. Our taxi service to Hay Festival can be booked for journeys to all the major UK airports.

If you require a car service to Cheltenham Literature Festival then you need look no further than Spright.